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Hi everyone, my name is Molly. Welcome to my site. I am here to talk to you about food and cooking. As I started attending college, I realized I had very little knowledge about cooking. I always enjoyed my mom’s home-cooked meals and rarely ever cooked anything for myself. In college, I was on my own. I decided against eating ramen every day and picked up a cook book instead. I learned about making simple and complex dishes using a limited amount of space and equipment. I would like to explore this topic in more detail on this site. Thanks for coming by.


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Tips For Having Your First Catered Affair At Home

Catered parties can help you impress guests with professionally prepared cuisine without the pressure of having to personally prepare it. Because you've called in caterers, it's easy to forget that there are still things you need to do in order for the food to be a hit with your guests. Use the three tips that follow when you're having your first catered event in your house.

Take Care with the Menu

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that your guests will be able to eat what the caterers prepare. You might come up with a wonderful offering of meats and cheese appetizers, for instance, without remembering that some of your guests are lactose intolerant or vegetarians. Work with your caterers to come up with a menu that offers options for everyone attending your party. You might want to do an informal survey of food allergies and tastes, or you may simply ask for menu requests.

Once you're sure everyone can eat the food that will be served, the next step is to plan a menu that will be memorable. You might want to go with a theme; for instance, if you're having a holiday party, plan to have ham and cranberry sauce. If you're having a summer party, fruity cocktails and gourmet hot dogs might be in order.

Have Guests RSVP

When using caterers for your party, it is vital that you know just how many people plan to attend. If you underestimate the number of guests, enough food might not be available. If you overestimate, you could end up with a lot of leftovers after spending more money to have extra food. To avoid this problem, make sure that you have your guests RSVP a few weeks before your event and give the approximate number of attendees to your caterer.

Clear Out the Kitchen

The catering company will have to set up somewhere, and typically that will be your kitchen. Remembering that will help you clear your kitchen of mess and things that could get in the way in the days leading up to the party. The caterers might need to use your microwave, stove or oven, so be sure that everything is clean enough for them to use.

The above three tips can assist you in getting ready for your first home catered affair. Ask the catering company if you need to do more in order to have everything go smoothly. To learn more, contact a catering company like Marians Island Wide Catering.